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Arno Carstens, an award-winning singer-songwriter and fine artist based in Cape Town, South Africa, has carved a monumental niche in the music industry.

His journey, beginning as the lead singer of The Springbok Nude Girls and later flourishing as a solo artist and painter showcases a diverse and influential career spanning over two decades.

As the frontman of The Springbok Nude Girls, Arno's dynamic stage presence and innovative music style has left an indelible mark on the South African rock scene. His transition to a solo career only further solidified his status as a versatile and prolific artist.

Beyond music, Arno is a celebrated fine artist. His passion for art, particularly painting, is evident in his prolific and ever growing collections in oils. His first solo fine art exhibition, hosted at The Lovell Gallery in Woodstock in 2012, marked the beginning of his journey in the art world. His artwork is a vibrant and compelling extension of his creative expression.

In every aspect, from his commanding stage presence and songwriting, to his evocative art, Arno Carstens remains a pivotal figure in both the South African and international music and art landscapes, continually pushing the boundaries of creativity and expression.

Solo Artist

As a solo artist, Arno has released multiple albums, spawned a string of successful singles & received numerous awards including Best Rock Album, Best Alternative Album & Song of the Year.

He has headlined every major South African music festival, performed at the Isle of Wight Festival, Glastonbury, V Festival, T in the Park and shared the stage with The Rolling Stones and U2.

His debut solo album, Another Universe, was released in 2003.

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Out of The Blue - Official Music Video

Sewe Sakke Hoop

Die splinternuwe EP, Sewe Sakke Hoop deur Arno Carstens is geskeduleer vir vrystelling 7 Junie 2024. Sewe Sakke Hoop, 'n 5 snit EP met die enkelsnitte Hoe Gaan Dit en Nagblind, is gebore uit 'n onstuimige agtergrond van globale en plaaslike veranderinge. Dit is 'n baken van solidariteit, wat ons herinner dat hoop te midde van die kakofonie die universele taal bly wat vertroosting en begrip bied.

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Hoe Gaan Dit - Official Music Video

Springbok Nude Girls

Arno's legacy as frontman for The Springbok Nude Girls is embedded in South Africa's rock music history.

The band led a revolution in the youth music scene in the mid-to-late 1990s, blending punk rock, ska, acid jazz, and heavy metal.

Formed in 1994, they've garnered critical acclaim, including six South African Music Awards (SAMA), highlighting their enduring influence.

Their 2022 release, Partypocalypse, won a SAMA for Best Rock Album.

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Springbok Nude Girls - The Film

Fine Artist

Arno Carstens is a prolific South African fine artist renowned for his dedication to the arts.

With a focus on oils on canvas, his work explores the darker aspects of human existence with a blend of humour and cynicism.

His vibrant oil paintings showcase his boundless creativity and artistic vision.

Current Exhibition

Casa Labia - An Art Exhibition

Current Exhibition - Neon Dreams

Neon Dreams

"Neon Dreams" is a collection that celebrates the vibrant pulse of life... 

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